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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mud Slinging

On the upside, the weather is slowly, but surely getting warmer. Our driveway is a place of daring and danger, David got the mail, parked the truck and it cheerfully reparked itself a little further down the driveway. The 4 inches of ice that layers most of the yard is melting a little at a time which makes it super slick during the day and then it refreezes at night, on and on. We headed out to Milford today just for a change of pace. David wanted to show me where he likes to hunt since according to him it was on the way to Milford - it was interesting for like the first 45 minutes then it was not. I got annoyed and David said, well are you on a schedule or something and I said apparently NOT since I was mucking around the woods. So he gets out of the woods back onto the road and we come out like FIVE MILES from the house, right across from the Fernwood Resort. I said I thought you said this was on the way to Milford and he said it is, sort of - arrgh. So 25 miles later we arrived in Milford and  I went to Jill Deal Yarns, it's  one of the most charming little yarn shops which contains the Rolls Royce selection of yarns. I was mainly browsing, at this time I really need no more yarn so if I see something really special I'll buy it, but otherwise I'll pass it by. I did get some nice stitch markers and size 2 DPNs that are 8 inches - I wanted them because I think the next pair of socks I make it will be easier to keep the stitches on the needles.  David and I had an early lunch at Apple Valley Restaurant, it's  surrounded by kitschy tourist stores where you can buy cute little knick knacks and signs declaring Our Little Piece Of Heaven for your weekend shack, that sort of thing. We have enough crap of our own so we headed straight to lunch - I had a veggie burger and David did not. Everything was great except for the coffee which was REALLY bad. It was so bad we were laughing while trying to drink it - I can't even begin to figure out what was wrong with it  but we drank it anyway because I will never leave a cup of coffee behind, no matter how weak or strong, funky or stinky I will drink it. I stopped by the supermarket on the way home and then well, we went home. I'm watching Armageddon  which is very dramatic. I was watching The Walking Dead marathon last night but shut it off at 11 figuring I could finish watching it on Hulu. But they only have clips - like 152 of them, how stupid is that so maybe I'll see if I can buy season one while we're out tomorrow.

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Sinéad said...

Lol, "I'll never leave a cup of coffee behind". Me too!