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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 29th To Us

We decided to go to a nice restaurant down the road from us Sunday afternoon to celebrate our 29th anniversary. It's kind of an upscale country inn sort of deal - it was quiet of course in the middle of the afternoon. We were taken to the dining room and there were about 5 other tables and two waitresses. After we were seated and given menus, the waitress left but returned in about 5 minutes took our drink orders - and disappeared into the abyss. We chatted, looked at the menu, checked our watches, swung our feet, peeked down the hall for signs of life. About 15 minutes passed with the other abandoned diners behaving the same when there was movement in the hall - the hostess came in trailed by two more people, sat them at the table next to us and then she turned to leave. I must have been rolling my eyes or something because the woman grabbed my chair arm and said "What's the matter? Why do you look so upset? What's wrong?!" so I told her that we had been waiting for over 15 minutes and not only didn't we have our wine but our order hadn't been taken and the waitress hadn't been back once. The other tables were quiet and looking at each other - I obviously was not the only one entertaining that train of thought - and the woman looked at her husband and wondered aloud if maybe they should leave too..... the hostess went darting down the hall and all of the sudden the waitress came flying in the room with a tray full of drinks followed by another waitress depositing appetizers at  the table with the family with young children, our order was taken while the couple next to us got ready to give their order - there seemed to be a renewed interest in the clientele. We ended up having a great time, the couple at the next table was down for the weekend at their cabin so we chatted through our meals as our tables were right next to each other, it was  a pleasant way to pass the afternoon. If you're wondering about the food - it was pretty good, a bit overpriced but it was our anniversary. Next up is my 50th birthday which I am planning on spending in West Virginia with Susan and Roger - and hopefully in a restaurant with better service!!


Donna said...

I love the picture of the two of you.

Sinéad said...

Happy anniversary! You two look great. Hope you enjoyed the meal after the wait, but wasn't it nice to meet someone new?