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Friday, March 18, 2011

What A Week

 What a crazy week! The audit concluded yesterday at 2 pm - we did VERY well. The auditor complimented us on how well the office was run, that our patients loved us, the charts were excellent. We loved that auditor. We were so relieved, the rest of the afternoon we all kind of bumbled around, no one could concentrate. But at at 5 pm our sense of purpose returned and there was a minor stampede to the bar around the corner - the other office joined us and I had my first ever Margarita. Which I needed. Badly. We all had a drink  and appetizers, oh I slept well that night! Today started off a little chill but the sun came out and at the end of the day it was in the 60's, my coat flung on the backseat as I drove out to my clients, the window down. I had some time between patients and stopped at the yarn shop in Honesdale, The Gentle Arts. I was talking to the owner, half the reason I stop in is because I really like her. I think she likes me too because she invited me to stop by with my knitting, we would sit on the sidewalk and knit. I think she was a little disappointed I live so far, I haven't done the knitting group thing really since we left West Virginia excluding that botched attempt up here. I used to knit every other Tuesday night in the little shop in Morgantown, I sat next to the Sheriff's deputy. She used to hide yarn in her squad car so she could sneak it in the house when her husband was out which I found pretty hilarious. When I got home David said Borders had called about the locked books on my Kobo and they could fix it. Don't ask. They told me to call Kobo. Again. After suggesting I call Apple which I responded WHY would Apple be able  to fix THEIR product and would they be footing the $50 tech support charge. Please Hold. I called Kobo and ended up speaking to Kim the only person so far that knows what they're doing. He had me put it back to factory settings, re-download and HA! They are all readable. I think if someone had told me to do that back in January I could have skipped this whole miserable experience at the hands of The Borders Moron Squad, also known as Customer Disservice. I am reading all the books I bought before attempting to buy or download anything else. If it ain't broke, don't touch it.

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