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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Uncharted Territory

If you want to have your heart pound like a drum, hands wringing and wet, the air shudders and stills around - have all your charts audited. All eyes upon your office, the big bosses are there in the background waiting waiting. Feels like that, doesn't it?  But we survived - and survived well. The auditor was very nice, patient, was looking for us to succeed - I wish all audits were like that! One more day and it's out to dinner. I've put everything on the back burner all week, at the office late checking the charts checking the charts. Again again - and at the last minute found them lacking. But all was found and we have no issues - so far - so everyone went home breathing a little easier. David has been busy finishing the house up, with the warmer weather and a little money in the bank we can do the bathroom and when it gets a little warmer, finally the pool.  Done. So I'm relaxing this evening, for the first time in what feels like weeks, I'm watching Mary And Max (those of you that enjoy the quirkier things in life would love this movie!).  The weather is supposed to be warming up this weekend and the sun finally came out today - it was a bit chilly but I'll take it. I'm trying to start a new knitting project - a sweater. I have some great dark navy blue yarn I've been dying to use so now I just need to get started.

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Sinéad said...

Delighted you passed your audit with flying colours! I knew you would. :) I look forward to seeing your bathroom, we just got ours done and I love them!