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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Keep It Real

First off, that is a hat I made for a shower I'm going to this weekend. Isn't it cute? It was pretty fast to make and I liked the simple design. Most stuff for babies and toddlers I make is very simple, detail is lost among the little people, isn't it? On their clothes they don't appreciate and on the toys they really don't like it. It's a kid thing. Anyhow, David and I have recently become snagged by reality TV like everyone else - the appeal is endless. I love the ones with stuff the best - Extreme Hoarders, Auction Kings, Pawn Stars, Antique Road Show - it's like peeking in some one's attic. You see stuff you've never seen before and you can't believe how much it's worth! Then there's the ones with people, my favorites are Sister Wives, My Strange Addiction,  and any hoarding show. I don't like Intervention (that is an hour of people that REALLY need to put their Big Girl Pants on), 600 Pound Mom (an hour of someone laying in a bed and yelling) and that show where they bid on abandoned storage bins  - that was the show that really made me question my viewing choices. Sister Wives gets discussed at work, I've decided I would like to be the 3rd wife - she seems to have it  the best. The first wife is in charge of everyone, the second is obviously Second In Command - all of the work none of the glory. The 4rth wife seems to get stuck with ALL the low man jobs, cleaning babysitting - no thanks. But the 3rd wife! What a deal - no responsibility, no work, doesn't get stuck doing the dishes and everyone likes her - she doesn't even have to work! - sign me up! In other news the snow is still here, all 8 inches of it, sigh. I was at the dentist's office and someone in the office was fondly remembering the year they got over 18 inches in the middle of April. Yuck!

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Sinéad said...

I must admit to not watching much reality tv. I do love the Antiques Roadshow though, the stories some people tell about their items are fascinating! I hope the snow finally melts for you soon!