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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let The Countdown Begin

 For those of you not in the know - we are moving back to WV. Strangely enough no one seems surprised. Oh well. The work situation is much better for David down there and our cost of living will be less - this will be our last move as we are tired of packing up and going. It's no longer a fun thing and the stress has increased each time. The new house suits our tastes much better and it's smaller - more suited to two people. We'll still have a nice guest room and plenty of room to dork around around it, but the space will not be overwhelming or take two days to clean on a regular basis.We have started packing our things, sorting, donating, tossing out. David started making trips with our trailer so hopefully by the time we are ready to go, we will be mostly moved into the new house. He plans on renovating the bedroom upstairs first, then we'll work on the rest of it. Fortunately this time, it will all be cosmetic - no more rats, mice, cockroaches, cat pee, brambles, bats, wasps, whistling hot water heaters, hot pink paint, mice infested refrigerators or any of the other things that have plagued us through all the houses David has renovated - do you realize this will be our SIXTH house we've redone and moved into? No  more!  Stick a fork in me I'm done.  Liz was down to visit this weekend, she arrived Friday night and we barbecued. She brought wine so that made her the perfect house guest in our eyes. We did the outlets on Saturday, talking more than shopping and in the afternoon I taught her to cable - Liz enjoys knitting as much as the next guy. We went out to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner, Margarita for me of course, wine and beer for the rest of the hooligans. Liz took off this morning and we have been packing every  since. The second picture on the blog is a Dragon Fruit - I got it at the Asian market last week. I like to try new things and isn't it a pretty thing? Sadly it was a bit disappointing, the inside is white with little black seed and honestly it didn't have a whole lot of taste. It was sort of a spongy texture which made it completely unpleasant  - I was going to mash it and put in a smoothie but it had so many little black seeds i figured it would end up being really gritty. But you don't know if you don't try it so it wasn't a waste. So I decided to give it to the chipmunks, they seem to be an adventurous bunch and they do appreciate it! I've heard from Jackson, he's on the army base but they were able to get out and see a movie so he was feeling a bit better about things. We got the Small Pox Vaccine Report which he seems to enjoy updating us - he's doing well.  I continue on with the navy blue sweater, I'm almost done with the front, then it's the sleeves and I'm finished. I am still debating whether I should buy the third skein of the $24 yarn or not - I am leaning towards Yes because once we move the opportunity will be lost. On the other hand if I didn't, I could simply find a pattern that used the amount of yarn I already have thus avoiding adding yet another skein to the pile. Decisions, decisions.

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Donna said...

I'm glad you've decided this will be your last move. Good luck!