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Thursday, January 19, 2012

After Hump Day It's All Downhill.

 This week has been off kilter since I accidently got a day ahead of myself. It's been snowballing all week starting with my thinking it was hump day and it was actually Tuesday. Bastards,That also means I've been a day ahead all week which is annoying especially since it's not Friday as I have thought multiple times today. My boss resigned this week - another story another time - some happy some not, but the whole office slanting left.  I had a good week weight and yarn wise, I managed to maintain my weight so I was not dethroned my first week out of the box as a lifetime member - wouldn't that be embarrassing to be sent back to the bleachers the first week!.  I also knit up two kitten hats, one for Angelea's daughter and one for Maryann's soon to be granddaughter.  I know some people love to be surprised but I love being able to make stuff ahead of time that is not yellow,green and generic. We got news our puppy was born so in a couple of months we will have two vizlas - watch out. Speaking of vizlas Pearl is still in heat. David told me he thought she was done and  that black dog had been hanging around was gone. David was incorrect on both counts. Our walk in the yard turned into a wild thing - Pearl darting the black dog dodging  and me screaming at the top of my lungs for David. I have discovered if there is  a psychotic black hearted killer in the yard I will be on my own, unless I'm fatally attacked in the garage or on the porch. David didn't hear me until we  were AT  the back door, me kicking wildly at the black door, Miss Pants being base and my poor ereader smashed beyond repair. I somehow managed to destroy the screen so there goes my morning reads in the yard. I did call Kobo and I can download the books on my account to a new one so not a complete disaster. I have to do my Wheeling clients tomorrow so I'll stop at Best Buy or Target on the way home and see what I can do. In other news I cannot find Jackson - he was going on leave and called me last week on Friday from Kuwait or Beirut - and that is the last I've heard from him. I'm assuming if something dire had happened I would be informed but I'm not really thrilled with the Navy specialist that's been assigned for me. Not only can she not locate him but has informed me it may take up to a week or so before she can even access his itinerary. I would also be on my own apparently if a black hearted killer attacked me there, they would have to submit a form and wait for a week to see if they could help me. I'm not freaking out quite yet, but I'm getting there.

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