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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Winter Of Our Sort Of Discontent.

 This is not really the winter of our discontent - it's more like the season of "eh". It has not been winter like as of yet I might add, the news has been threatening all day that the temps will drop, the snow will fly and it will finally be winter. I'm not overly worried, after all we're mid stride into January and spring is now 9 weeks away. That translates into 2 months one week. More or less. The backyard is a quagmire at this point, it may not have snowed but it certainly has been raining. Off and on, lately more on than off. I amuse myself by working, knitting and watching reality TV that David does not like. I like to watch morbidly obese people lose weight that only someone without a job and with a personal trainer can, I like people that hoard, tattooists, people that dress badly until their friends surprise them with a professional stylist and everyone is sort of mean but in a beneficial way. I like to watch cake making, Martha Stewart when every I can! and people that eat weird things - depending on what they eat of course. The girl that ate sofa cushions was far more interesting than the one that drank like 30 cans of coke a day - her I wanted to slap.  I will watch a house transformation, a cupcake maker and how to put in a retaining wall. In other news  I ended up making a surprise trip to the yarn shop - always fun. I've been picking up accessories and so forth, I'm hopefully visiting another yarn shop next week - one I have not shopped. I've earned a 10% off at Blooming Yarns but I'm saving it for after my birthday when I can spend some real hardcore money.  When I take the dog out I plot and plan where everything will go in the spring, I want to plant flowers and maybe - finally! - have a real garden, I think I would  be good at it, don't you? I heard from Jackson today, he is starting his vacation and is in transit - hopefully. He's not coming here but heading out to San Diego to get stuff done. His tour is up in a few months and then he'll come here to visit us. I cannot wait for spring.

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