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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Me and my Vincent

The ice was pretty cool
My poor ereader!
 It's only 8 more weeks til spring, we're on the countdown around here. It has not been too bad - we had a big freeze the other day which turned our yard into a super sparkly place, it was so pretty you couldn't mind it at all. I've started a new knitting project, I wound all the yarn this weekend an already on chart two. Pearl continues to be in heat and is still a major trollop - I'll be glad when she's done. Things are settling at work, when all of this happened David was a bit despairing, he did the usual Why Can't Things Ever Run Smoothly Around Here? I had to ask him - what had NOT run smoothly lately? We were able to sell our house in one of the worst foreclosure areas in the country, we were able to buy this house free and clear. And to add to it this was the first house we've bought that I wasn't afraid to turn out  the lights at night - no mice, no bugs no cat pee. We are getting a puppy. I think we tend to take it for granted when everything is running well and we have no strife in our lives - then when something does happen we hit the Why Me mode right away. Why NOT you? This week has been a bit suck ass I'll admit - my ereader was smashed beyond repair, the computer died and Adam was in a car accident this morning. But I was able to get a new ereader right away and everything from the computer downloaded so well - right down to where I was in the book I was reading. The computer? It's ten years old! Who gets ten years out of a computer? And we only had to replace the tower, not the whole thing. Adam's car is going to need some major repair - he hydroplaned this morning on the way to work, but no one was hurt and he has insurance. I've had accidents too, they're very upsetting but usually not as bad as you think they will be. David has been shooting on Sunday with friends every weekend. We do the shopping and going out on Saturday , Sunday morning we both clean the house for the week in the morning and then he's out the door to the gun club. I either go walking, shopping or lately just enjoy watching tv and relaxing.  David has been doing very well lately, he got his WV license and has been busy for weeks with more work coming up - and my job? My job is like a listing ship in a storm - it'll ride the wave and eventually straighten up. If not, I'll find another port. We have a puppy coming in the spring and I have more yarn than someone without an official psycho diagnosis should have. We've heard from Jackson a couple of times, he's sleeping and playing video games, he said that more than enough vacation for him right now. So yes, we have some things going on, the only way you ever not have things going on is for about 10 minutes in the morning before you get out of bed - and even then you're not safe all the time. But that's the way things go, the sun will come up no matter what you do.
The lastest project Madalinetosh Gilded and I'm knitting Jared Flood's Girasole

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Sinéad said...

Sorry to hear about Adams crash, I'm glad he wasn't hurt. And your poor ereader! but, I'm sure it will all be better when the new puppy arrives :)