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Monday, January 9, 2012

Finished. Ta. Da.

 I actually knit this faster than I thought I would - it's not overly big of course and the pattern wasn't too complicated so I guess that's why it went so fast. I have to do a little bit of minor repair here and there, I've found with lace weight and lace knitting it's easy to slip a stitch and until you really look and block it out you can tell where the missed stitches are. I've also learned not to pull any loose or suspicious bits because you can rather cheerfully and quickly end up with a hole the size of your head that you apparently don't use much or you would not have pulled that bit in the first place. I have no idea why I love to knit shawls so much - circular lace shawls in particular. They are not useful, they're work - but they are pretty, aren't they? I've only kept two that I've made as opposed to sweaters. I keep most of the sweaters I make because quite frankly, I'm not very good at it and when one comes out right I usually give it away out of sheer surprise. The rest I've given away I suspect they're sneaky donated (or burned) when I'm not looking - a few are kept. I know I made one for my cousin that I think she recently rediscovered - it was a funky pattern I found with skull and cross bone intarsia on the sleeves. Given the fact she lives in the suburbs and has a degree in accounting a bit of strange choice. I think I gave it to her to rake leaves and scare her neighbors. But she did tell me once it's a very warm comfortable sweater to wear, skulls and all. I'm making a hat right now as a break, then socks then back to the shawls - one of the things I'm asked most frequently is if I'll sell my shawls. I've been asked to custom make one and that person will buy the yarn. Yes, it's still no. First of all, anyone offering to buy ME yarn will have to get that one past the Yarn Hater, you won't get far. Second of all if I'm having someone else pick out the yarn, pick out the pattern and then expect me to produce an exact replica - then it becomes Work. Most people that know me will tell you I don't spend an inordinate time looking for more work, as a matter of fact I have more than enough of it. If YOU want some work I'll be happy to share some with you. You can start with the bathtub.  I prefer to knit what I find appealing, the owner will make themselves known eventually - it will look like them. Or I'll suddenly be inspired just to fling it out to see what the reaction will be. So I will happily knit away for no one - it's sort of like taking the less traveled path - I have no idea where I'm headed but it's fun finding out.

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