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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Week.

What's left of Adam's ride. 
 Things are still rather delightfully skewed - nothing is going right, every phone call is a hammer driving the next nail. Yet - not so bad. Adam's car troubles are just beginning but he'll get past it and move on. It happens to everyone. I got a speeding ticket this week - much to my horror!! But thank goodness I was able to slow down to 85 before he saw me. He gave me a break too so even though it's a lot of money it will be no point on my license and I'll have to be a Good Citizen for awhile. The shawl is coming along beautifully - I LOVE this pattern and its way easier than it looks. Shawl knitting is  wonderful if you've got some stress rolling by, just enough to be interesting, not enough to be hard. I also have the new ereader up and running without an issue - way easier than I thought it would be. Everything downloaded smoothly and I even bought a couple new books just to give it a test run. I'm currently reading Debbie Macomber - the comfort food of books. Pearl is finally out of heat, Vincent is now being the trouble. David took him to the vet today for a bladder infection - he won't ride in a carrier so David did the usual - flipped his little cat butt in the truck and then off they went. He got an a fluid infusion while there were there and started on antibiotics, etc. Claw is still freaking alive OF COURSE - too mean to die. We have been crazy busy at work, every nutty thing that could happen has - twice at least. I am very much looking towards the weekend this week, covers will be firmly pulled over my head.

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Sinéad said...

I know how you feel, sometimes you just want to hide in bed & wake up when all the crap is over.
Hope everything calms down soon!