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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fulfilling My Resolutions

The Shawl is finished

Pearl and the new Namaste Bag
As you can see I'm working on my resolutions, I visit a yarn shop at least once every two weeks, I am knitting as much as possible - life is good right now.  I finally posted the new knitting bag I bought last week at Blooming Yarns in McMurray PA - there is so much in that little shop, you don't know which way to look! I have one  other Namaste and a Jordon Paige so I think that's enough of that. For now. In other news I finished the shawl I've been making - I know it's hard to see the pattern on the blanket I'm blocking it on but I'll retake it in a couple of days when it's done. I'm going to do a few small projects for now, but I have a shawl pattern I bought by Jared Flood that I cannot wait to get started on! But I hate to knit one shawl after the other as I'll end up bored in the middle. David and I went shopping again this weekend, we did the Tanger Outlets in Washington PA which was fun - this time of year is the best time to get all the deals, it's hard to stop buying.  We had lunch at Loafers - they do an amazing vegetarian sandwich and the bread is all made there.  I went to the natural food store after which is right next door and then off we went again. Like I said, we're pretty much done with the end of year shopping but it's crazy how expensive everything is right before Christmas and then you can get it 80% off two weeks later. But I have enough clothes, shoes and of course after 3 trips to Victoria's Secret in the past week I'm not lacking for underwear! The weather has been super wonderful all week - in the upper 40's to 50's not quite sweater weather but I'll take it. The only bad thing is I have to keep reminding myself that winter is still here for another 10 weeks, but that's not really that long, is it? I have Weight Watchers this week - it's my last week before I become a Lifetime Member which will be very nice as I won't have to pay for my membership. Unless of course I regain all that weight which would Be Bad. Yes, that would suck. This time of year is hard but I'm making sure to keep exercising and not go off my diet. Too much. In other news rat fink Pearl is in heat for some strange reason, we've decided to have her fixed. We've discussed off and on breeding her but we either never have enough time or we're unable to  - and we're getting a puppy in the spring so I think it's time.
Yarn On Yarn.

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Donna said...

The shawl is gorgeous!