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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Eyes Have It.

I personally feel that given the week I have had - falling off (and then back on) to a table, being on call - and being called (A LOT), x rays and a few other stresses at work I should have a free pass for the rest of the summer. Nope. I had my big eye exam today - I had taken 3 hours of personal time for my 3 pm appointment. Then it was emailed the office would be closing at 3! So I gave it back and took two hours. Then it was emailed that they were taking it back and we would be closing at 5 - well. Thanks  a lot, so much for employee appreciation. SO I changed my personal time back. THEN last night the eye place called to tell me I would need a ride home because my vision would be blurry. Sigh. 4 hours personal time since now I would have to drive from WV to PA, get David, drive from PA back to WV. Oh well. The doctor and his office were very nice - very efficient. I sort of figured it would be like my entire medical history - I have something that might be scary so they test the snot out of me, or remove whatever alien deposit is taking form, they say dreadful things but I'm alright in the end. They tested me from one end to the other, I took a little test which involved a flashing light and a button to push when I saw it. It reminded me of the hearing test the nurse would give in elementary school - you would put on headphones and raise your hand every time you heard a little peep. I can't remember if they did the same day as the dreaded Physical - do they still do that? When everyone would have to line up in their underwear for the local doctor to do the physical? They'd paper the window to keep out the peekers but it remained the most embarrassing event of the year. But I digress. The doctor put a numbing drop in my eye and then he pressed various objects against my numb eyeballs. All I kept  thinking was what a great party trick that would be! He dilated my pupils so I looked like something out of a Twilight episode and they took pictures of the inside of my eyeballs. The upshot is I either have glaucoma or a hereditary condition that  looks like it. So I have to go back on Wednesday in the morning and if I have High Pressure Eyeballs I am not a genetic freak but I will have glaucoma so there will be no real winners. After I was done we went to the Greek place where I totally ordered too much food and brought some home in a napkin. I already at the cake and will probably eat the rest of the sandwich tonight. Whee.   We don't have much planned for the weekend, I might find something fun to do tomorrow but after such a busy summer we're looking towards spending some time home. It will be leaf peeping time very soon and I have some big decisions to make soon so I'm planning on spending some time mulling that over. But for right now I'm full of chocolate cake, the cat is on my lap and life is good.  

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