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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fear Of Fridays

Once again I was out past my curfew on Friday - and I'm not even on call! It's been a busy week for me workwise. For the first part of the week I had the new nurse in tow to see my patients, she's never done homecare and it's a whole other animal. I've always found that if you're ontime, polite and clean up after yourself that's about 80% of the job. I worked all day Wednesday instead of my usual half day because of the Pennsylvania patients, then Thursday it was off to Pittsburgh for another inservice. We had a flat tire but managed to make it ontime and it rained as usual all the way home. Friday was another full day and I ended up working until 7pm because the nurse oncall got slammed and you do have to be a bit flexible - especially since you might be the slam-ee the next time around. I haven't taken any pictures in the past week - I think about it as I'm racing by the fall foliage and am acutely aware it will be gone very soon so I need to start. But we are heading off to Cooper's Rock today, Jackson is coming along and we have to stop and buy someone a NEW harness as her's got mysteriously chewed. Hmmm. Because I've been working so much Pearl has not been walking for a week and she brought me the harness a few times yesterday and dropped it at my feet. I suppose the chewing up of the harness is some sort of veiled Dog Threat. She's still stealing and chewing things up, but it's slowed somewhat -I'm not sure if she's getting more obedient or we're just getting better at hiding things.

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