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Saturday, October 28, 2006

This Will Never End. Never.

I've been working on this blanket it seems forever and a day - I had (3) 4 hour infusions this week and brought it along, I knit on it when we went to Pittsburgh and back in the car for the conference. I knit when we go to Clarksburg and every night on the end of the couch I'm faithfully ticking away - well, no ticking noise really since I'm using Addi Turbo German stainless steel with a flexible 60" cable ("why of course they're cheap David!!") but I've been knitting and knitting and it's still NOT done. This weekend the weather has been awful AND there are a slew of horror movies on so I've been putting in real couch time. So far we've watched The Invisible Man, The Werewolf, Village Of The Damned, Pumpkin Head, Mortuary, and The Lost Voyage which had Judd Nelson - does anyone beside me remember him? He was one of the brat pack (16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, St Elmos' Fire) - I don't like him as an actor but I'm mesmorized by his nostrils. They're fairly large and seem to have a life of thier own. Hmm. Definately digressing. SO I'm still knitting on the same thing and my stash is backing up which means there's no way I can sneak another skein into the house since it's already bursting out of the dresser and spilling out of the closet. The weather today has been crazy by the way as I had started saying. First the wind howled, then it rained. Then the sun came out. Then it went back in and a big black cloud blocked out the sun. Then it started snowing. A lot. Then rain. Snow. Rain. Wind sun rain, etc... Oh well, I think Pumpkin Head II is on in a few minutes.....

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