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Saturday, October 7, 2006

Race You To The Thermostat!

Brr! The temps have dropped a lot, from the high 70's right down into the 60's and sent us scrambling for the thermostat this morning as it was in the 50's. Pearl had firmly planted herself between us and refused to move, I swear she changes the gravity field around her when you try to shove her off the bed (or at least off the pillow). Charger's a happy camper, anything above 70 is too hot for him. He's going to the groomer's on Monday, his nails are out of control and he needs to be neatened up a bit. He's gotten too fragile for me to lift into the tub anymore, between the lumps,bumps and arthritis there's no way I can do it without hurting him. He's slowed down a great deal over the summer, we try to keep Miss Thing at a low roar, he doesn't mind playing with her but he has his limits. I wish Copper had lived longer, sometimes it's so sad to see him without his friend. I wonder if he misses him or if he sees Copper in his dreams. . They were together for most of thier lives, I know he's a dog but it's got to be hard for him not to have his buddy anymore. Sometimes when Charger and Pearl are outside and I'm calling them in I call "Copper! Charger!" without even thinking about it. I miss Copper still - more than any of our other dogs and sometimes I cry over him when I know no one is looking. I think part of it is because he, Mr. Lee and Charger  are my last connections to Mikio and Setsu - they were so much a part of that time in my life that when Copper passed, it really brought back how much I miss Miki and Sets and how far away they become. Oh geez, I think that's enough of did I get on this subject?

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