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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Let It Snow - EEKK!!

Can you believe this already - SNOW! Ok , so it wasn't a whole lot of it, just a dusting but it's snow already. And no it doesn't usually start this early. I've been cheerfully leaf-peeping all week, it seems like they just start to turn the tiniest bit and then POW, everywhere you look is amazing. I've been doing alot of driving out in Preston county which to me is the most beautiful place and in the fall it's wonderful. I'm still working hard, when there's new people in the office it takes awhile for them to be really up and running. And I'm still working on that stinkin' blanket, I keep telling myself one more line of trees and I'm done, but I've just been at it too long and there's so many other things to make. I was wandering around Michaels the other day and I'm not even interested - what's the point when I'm harnessed to this blanket, day after day, week after week (PLEASE NOT year after year......) I've heard from Adam a few times and he still hasn't gotten any birthday gifts as far as I know - he ship left port without him because he had to testify at a court martial (thank goodness not his!!) and I'm thinking his birthday gifts went with it.

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