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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Pearl was not a good citizen at Cooper's Rock again - she's good EVERYWHERE else, but there's something about this park she can't deal with. I know part of it was we brought Jackson which made her very happy and we hadn't been out hiking in a couple of weeks, but she couldn't calm down and bounced her way through miles of trail. We were there about 3 1/2 hours, long enough for Jackson to not-so-secretly dispise her for the rest of the day. Today it's very crappy out, cold, grey and rainy so we're in watching Sci-Fi - since it's near Halloween there are a slew of B horror movies. Jackson and I watched "Dagon",a movie about evil fishlike people that skin visitors so they can wear thier skins to  disguise themselves AND also indulge in human sacrifice. There was some other movie we watched last night that was so awful I can't even think of what it was about, let alone the title. I'm STILL working on that baby blanket, I finished the second row of houses and now have only one more row of trees plus the border. I've never knit an entire blanket on size three needles and will be hard pressed to do so again anytime in the near future. I'll be glad when it's finished!

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