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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hey! Where'd Ya Go?

Well, Pearl has done it now - David could excuse the shoe stealing couch chewing food snitching 5 am ear sniffing and face licking, but Pearl went over the line. David shot over her  - and she ran. David was devestated.(Just for the record in WV you can happily shoot in your yard all day and can take potshots at what ever is crossing the lawn - in the fall there's a guy next door that runs his beagle team around our lower yard. We don't say anything because we like the beagles).  He and Jackson worked with her the other day and she seemed to be getting a bit better but this morning he shot once and she was plastered against the door shaking. I made everyone go to thier corner, but he said enough, she was mine and he wanted nothing to do with her. So I went on the internet and read up on gun shy dogs. When we went to Sam's Club today (they opened the new one in Morgantown) I bought her a box of snacks for training and David despite his announcement it was hopeless - picked up a small case of Vienna Sausages. For the record I CANNOT BELIEVE they are for human consumption - I would rather eat the dog snacks. And for the record they were CHEAPER than the dog snacks. We took the dogs out on leashes and I held Pearl while David shot and then walked her over to him so she could get a sausage. Hmm. You could see the wheels turning. By the 5th sausage I wasn't even holding the leash and she didn't run for the hills -she ran for the training dummy and her beloved Vienna Sausage. I had to laugh though - she's probably the only hunting dog in the world being trained by a vegetarian!

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