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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Missing: One Spider

I've not seen the big spider that's occupied my bathroom window all summer for over a week now. Every once in awhile, I go for a few days without seeing it - perhaps it takes little spider jaunts or has a vacation web somewhere else, but I'm thinking perhaps with fall in full throttle it's gone to it's next life. It's very strange how you can get used to something just being there even though it serves no purpose in your own day to day existance. It didn't really do anything for me - I enjoyed seeing if she'd caught anything - and what - admiring what a big spider she was - but she was there when I went to bed and finishing up her night when I got up. I suppose that goes to show what a poor vegetarian I am since I thought the whole process was fairly neat and never did try to save one of her meals. Today I had a new nurse with me - training her for visits and I stopped at McDonalds' so she could get lunch. She asked if I would be offended by her eating meat. Considering I made Jackson come out and step on a mouse last night that the cat hadn't quite killed instead of attempting a rescue and rehab, that I wear leather and fur quite gleefully come winter, that I cook meat fairly well (according to the carnivores in my house) and I'm currently training a hunting dog I would give that a big NO. I sometimes am amazed that PETA has not come by and revoked me entirely.

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