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Saturday, June 19, 2010

David got an Amazon gift card for his birthday but didn't see anything he wanted - so he gave it to me with the understanding he would just buy something for himself later. I of course can always find something I like - I ordered a CD, knitting bag and a book which amount to about $110. Now, when I ordered it asked for my shipping address which is my physical address - the one I always use. Imagine my surprise when I checked the tracking and saw that EVERYTHING was being sent back. I called Amazon and was told that my things had been sent by USPS which requires a mailing address. I told the rep that I'd been asked for my shipping, not my mailing and she told me there was no way for them to know what service was being used. I asked which address I should use and she told me she didn't know. I asked for my money back and was told the seller had to get the item back before issuing a refund despite the fact the package had been clearly sent back. In the case of the book I ordered - they have until the 28th of this month (keep in mind I ordered everything back on the 6th) to address it and then I have to wait up to ANOTHER month for a refund - it will be two months before anything is addressed. In the case of the CD that actually came from Amazon - they deposited the refund into a gift card account that I cannot use due to the shipping issues and after I expressly asked them not to (The card amount was $50 and I spent over $100, so how can they tell what I used the gift card for??). I've also discovered if they can't - or don't want to - answer a question they just simply ignore you. The knitting bag did get here, Alice In Stitches was wonderful and reshipped the bag at her own expense without my having to reorder. Amusingly after I wrote to Customer Service to let them know what a great job she did the customer rep took it upon herself to file a claim in my behalf (without telling me first) against Alice so I ended up spending two days undoing that. The rep didn't explain why she'd filed a claim, especially since it was Amazon (not Alice) that had given me all the problems - and the rep of course didn't give me any reason why'd she'd even done it in the first place. So the whole upshot is - I have money in an account I cannot use and do not want, I have a book or a refund I won't see until August (and could have ordered from the Borders here and had in a week) and a knitting bag that I had to apologize to the seller even though I didn't do anything. Thanks Amazon!!

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