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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stupid Deer

The deer are not in my yard all the time mind you - but they skulk around here often enough, looking for trouble no doubt. I honestly don't get it - they have thousands of acres to mix it up in, yet they insist on trotting in and around my yard which drives Pearl and I crazy. They have those big wet eyes just perfect for peeping at you - I think they're plotting a takeover since they're always sneaky looking at the house. We sit in the house and secretly hate them. Things are settling down a little here, I still can't talk about much of what's been going on but we're starting to get a handle on things. The house in Lake Ariel is back on the market, the person buying it decided to have an issue with the terms of agreement which would have been alright if she'd discussed this when she and her lawyer got the paperwork(about 3 weeks prior). As it was, we cut our vacation short as the closing date had been moved and about half an hour before we got home we were called to let us know it was off. Thanks a lot. The house is still rented so it's not a financial hardship but it was off the market during the selling season and now in a flat market it will be even harder to sell. We'll survive. I continue knitting of course, I'm almost done with the second sock and have a bunch of projects lined up - some people will always have Paris - I'll always have Yarn. We've heard from a few friends that will be in the country this summer so we're planning on seeing them - I still have over 40 hours of vacation saved up and plan on taking a day here and there. I actually have about 90 hours of sick time too - I'm obsessed with not calling in sick EVER. With the exception of my hernia operation I have been out sick a total of 2 and a half days in the past 5 years. The half day was actually because my dog was sick and my boss at the time, a die hard dog lover, sent me home so I could take him to the vet. She could be a good egg at times.

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