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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sorting Things Out.

Despite all the strum and drama around here lately, we've had some nice, quiet days. It helps of course - yesterday I went through 3 bins downstairs. This house for all it's space is sorely lacking in storage so all of our extra and flotsam is right out there in the open. But one of the things you learn when you move more than once is that most of the things you own are nothing more than baggage. (Please remember of course this does not include yarn, knitting books, knitting bags, needles or any knitting related items, attempting to get rid of those things might lose you a limb). I'm sure if I took every one's stuff out of their attics and basement, closets under the stairs, the loft in the garage - and put it in a room - you might be able to spot special items but for the most part you wouldn't know what stuff was yours. So we're going to try and go through at least one bin a week to get rid of the junk. Out of 3 bins yesterday I got one bag for the thrift shop, one for the dump and managed to get it down to 2 bins. One was pictures that Grandpa had given me so I was able to sort and store them more appropriately - that one of course took longer as you know how pictures are. David spent most of the day remodeling the bathroom - that started off with a leaking faucet and now has a new medicine cabinet, new floor, new wall and a new cabinet. The sink had been leaking on and off since we moved here - it had obviously been an ongoing issue as the bottom of the cabinet was warped. So when he replaced the faucet he decided to replace the cabinet - the one that was in there was not only rotted, but was so big you had to shut the bathroom door to get into the cabinet. When he changed that he had to take out wall tile to make it fit and made a chair rail wall behind it and the toilet. Then since the cabinet was reconfigured the floor tile wasn't under the original, plus it had been done improperly to start with, so off that went. While at Lowes he found two medicine cabinets on clearance so he replaced the mirror in that bathroom with a cabinet and then installed one in the main bathroom since that bathroom hadn't been finished in the first place. So now the faucet doesn't leak.

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