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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The weather has started to turn hot - we have a small airconditioner in the bedroom and most likely won't do anymore than that. We're not home most of the day and given the cost of electricity it would cost us a small fortune to air condition the whole house. The lower floor where the guest room is stays cool all the time so that takes care of itself. Not to mention if we can wait until fall we can get a good deal on air conditioner units. I'm still knitting a pair of socks, I had started them when we went to Florida and then put them aside when we came home. I worked on the them on the way to LI and back - socks are a good travel project because they're small and you can take them everywhere. I even a have a tiny bag to tote them around in. I'm busy figuring out my next project, I have the takamy yarn I bought at Kramer's Textile last week and found a great pattern to use. I'm trying to at least reduce my yarn intake and use what I've got, which we all know is a lot. This coming weekend we will start tackling the Closet Of Mystery - David built a huge closet under the stairs and it's stuffed with bins. The problem ones are Jackson's - he insisted on saving everything he owns and it adds up to about 10 large bins. When I spoke to him last he didn't want any of his stuff (he's moving into an apartment) and he was like no, I don't want any of my clothes........... and he has no intentions of coming home anytime soon so I have no idea what the game plan is.

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