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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back On

I haven't written in about a month - a record for me. The reason is simple - we've had so much happen to us I just didn't want to concentrate on the bad things, some of it I still can't talk about. I did have a great vacation by the way, the before and after stinks, but the time I had off was great. I got to go to a beautiful party, see old friends and family, had a wonderful week with Mom and Fred. Mom gave me one of Grandpa's old composters so today I dragged it over to the leaf pile and fired it up. Pearl lost interest quickly when she discovered it didn't involve food or throwing things. Vincent hid in the bushes and spied - since he was a Stray Cat for a brief period of time doing anything he doesn't recognize makes him suspicious. He assumes two things - you're up to no good and it will somehow involve him and not in a good way. Considering the only thing one could do with a cat and a composter would be stick him in there and flip him around like a bingo ball I didn't feel he had a lot to worry about -but I pretended I didn't see him and filled it. David and I drove out to Nazarath today, I went to Kramer's Textiles Yarn shop and worshiped at the Alter Of Wool - whoo hoo! It was one of those places you wish you'd found sooner - it actually part of a textile mill (they make their own yarn) and it's really well priced. I bought superwash Merino, 450 yards for $6 a skein and a few other things. I am pretty much done with the yarn buying however, I have everything I need and may order a book or two if I see something interesting -as long as it doesn't come from Amazon - don't get me started on that. That will be an entire blog by itself. Anyhoo, we had lunch at the Wind Gap Diner which is always fun, I had a Reuben minus the beef and David had a fried chicken sandwich. We heard from Jackson - he's moved into an apartment with a friend and is having a great time. We've also heard from Adam who went to France and survived being in Enemy Territory as he puts it. David is busy fighting leaks - we've had an occasional leak from the upstairs shower that's gotten progressively worse - we can tell it was a problem in the past as there was an area that had been replaced on the downstairs ceiling. I think he finally determined it wasn't the pipes but the wall itself so he's been working on that. He's also replacing the sink and vanity in our bathroom as that has had problems - old plumbing. Sigh, I wish that was the least of our worries. It will all work out, it always does - it's just getting through the working out part that's hard.

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