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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Marching On

The worst part of handing in your resignation is the waiting - you feel like you're in limbo. You feel like you should glide through the day because you're leaving. Your co-workers feel you should work harder because you're leaving. Things here are a bit tense as we have people out for various reasons and the business has picked up crazy. It will even out, we just need to wait. It cooled off a bit today which was nice, the heat has been bad, the humidity worse. The mosquitos could just about carry you gently through the air while draining you of every ounce you have. They seem to nail me everywhere they can, bug spray or not. We also live near a swamp,, which I must say it's so beautiful it looks like you walked straight into a fairy tale wood. Until you see the cloud of whining blood seeking creatures - then you need to hike up your princessy skirts and run. David is going to put a screen door on the atrium upstairs so we let the heat out without letting the bugs. I've filled the new room David built with plants and they just love the heat and the sun - they're already bursting out of their pots and we just bought them. I'm not planning on much for the weekend, I know it will be noisy as you can buy fireworks EVERYWHERE, even the dollar store stocks them (although I would be a little leery of buying discount fireworks, wouldn't you?). The dog and cats will spend the holiday huddling under the bed I suppose. The picture I put up is the one I took of David, his father and a good friend of the family for years, Johnny Downs - they are all experts at the Fish Tales and can fill an afternoon with them. They are good people.

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