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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let The Sunshine In!

 We know that here in Pennsyltucky the sunshine is an iffy thing until sometime around mid-August. Then the sun will not only stay out, but the temperature will shot up to a hellish number and stay there until you feel like a baked ham. But for now - the sun came out and the snow is melting - slowly - but it is melting and that's good enough for me. I posted a picture of the hat I made - it only took me about 3 evenings. It's made out of bamboo yarn so can be worn through the spring and will be ready for Easter.I might make one more little hat and then it's back to the sweater I started. Twice. I got about 3 inches of the back done before I realized it would be too small and just dismantled the whole thing. I went out walking this morning for the first time in months. I got Pearl's harness and leash and off we went around the neighborhood. We only walked for about half an hour, I would have liked to head straight down to the hiking trails but I need to see if my foot will hold up or not. My foot hurts but not a lot and I won't really know until tomorrow if it's good or not. In other things I haven't done in awhile is download anything onto my ereader. With with all the trouble I've had with the Kobo I was going to wait until I'd finished all the books I've already bought. But it's silly to own something I won't use so I went ahead and downloaded another mystery bundle (that is the BEST deal - 3 mysteries for $8.49!) and the rest of a series I bought. And it worked! Whoo Hoo! I'm still annoyed, the fix was so simple it's ridiculous but it took me almost 2 months to find a tech that could do it. And that particular fix is not on the Internet - if I'd followed that (that's presuming the 30 step list was possible) I probably would have screwed it up worse. But it works so I'll take that too.

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