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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back In The Woods

 Pearl and I hit the trails again today - we did almost two hours this time and although I had my compass I didn't use it too much - just checked to make sure it was working. I debated bringing the backpack but after thinking about it - it's just easier than trying to stuff this and that in my pockets. I take my camera and phone, water, treats for Pearl - and it's easier to carry. Pearl wears her electric collar as I do let her off the leash to trot about on her own if no one is around so I have to bring the beeper end of it too.. When we got back there was a group dressed as revolutionary figures and they all loved Pearl, she tends to get a fan base where ever she goes. She's doing a bit better in that department but we had a little issue with the joggers on the trail - Pearl feels anyone traveling faster than her must be Up To No Good and she barks to make them stop. It is uber annoying. After I came home David and i went to the Covered Bridge Festival - more colonial outfits. It was a small affair but we actually ran into people we knew so that was exciting for me - and even more exciting were the alpacas! Apparently there;s an alpaca farm local and they produce (TADA - drum roll please!) Alpaca yarn of course. I bought only one skein of yarn since the Yarn Hater left most of our money at home. In an envelope. he has been at this for two weeks - he claims he has five hundred dollars and every time we go out he announces he left it home in the envelope. This is what stopped me from buying the subsoil mineral rights at the auction yesterday (well, even if he'd brought the envelope we would have still been $35,500 short so I suppose that wasn't his fault) and from buying the entire basket of yarn. That and he could not believe a skein of yarn could cost $19.  Oh, how little we know.........Anyhooo - they're having an open house next week and I will be there perusing the alpacas. I was talking to someone there that spins and she'll be there too - I didn't get her name but she's from Missouri originally - so maybe I'll make a friend out of the deal too.

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Sinéad said...

Ooh! Local alpaca farm? Heaven. I love the colours of the skein you bought. Maybe next time leave hubby at home & bring the envelope yourself ??? ;)