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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Socks, Auctions and Other Stuff

 The weekends have become a fun event lately - there's so much to do you don't know where to start! Today we had a lot to do - shopping,  I needed a haircut, we needed to fill out paperwork for a home equity line of credit, on and on. David took my car BACK to Monroe Muffler and Brakes AGAIN  first thing this morning - this is time #4 but who's counting? They (hopefully!) finished bollixing it up and actually fixed it  - maybe they're as tired of seeing us as we are of seeing them - and David came back to get me. Next stop was the bank to sign paperwork - once we get settled financially we apply for a line of credit, it's easier and safer than credit cards and you have that "just in case" cushion. We ended up at an auction right after by following the signs posted along the road, what a fun surprise thing to do  - I bid on and won the sewing machine. It's an older model but I only paid $22 so if I decide sewing is not for me it's not a huge investment. They were auctioning off the house and the subsoil mineral rights after that - we were standing behind two guys that were bidding hot and heavy on the mineral rights and I was terrified to move. I figured my luck I would scratch my ear and the next thing I would hear would be "SOLD! $40,000 to the lady right over there!" The mineral rights went for $36,000!! and the house with the 20 acres went for $255,000. My sewing machine came with a basket that contained attachments and Crap, the crap being uber fun. One of the items was a disposable pair of cataract glasses which David was like TAKE THEM OFF - I thought I looked like a spy but apparently I was the only one of that opinion. We went to the book store next, groceries of course since it is Saturday and then I got my haircut. I tipped the girl a lot because she did a great job I think.  We are going to the covered bridge festival tomorrow - just the White Bridge near us. You can do the whole ten but it's a whole lot of driving! If I get up early enough I'll take Pearl back to Friendship Hill to walk tomorrow, we'll see. I've got to get my winter clothes out this week, no sense in putting it off anymore. Our furnace went Kaput this week - we had planned on replacing it as it's original to the house but we had planned on it next year. Oh well - no time like the present I suppose.  I'm currently working on a simple pair of socks - I had started them when we went down to Norfolk but ended up frogging it as it just didn't look right. Socks give me a chance to plan the next project and hopefully by then I'm not only have bookshelves but my books out so I can see them without having to burrow through the whole house. Since David is renovating my knitting stuff is on all three floors. Yikes!

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