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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Unexpected Turn Of Events.

 "I can accept all of the economy of life and all of human activities and human nature except one thing: what is the use of grief?" 
Thomas Jeffereson

We saw Jim early this morning walking home carrying Gabe - and knew the worst had happened. Another neighbor had called to tell them Gabe was on the side of the road. It was too late of course, There is nothing more heartbreaking than a sudden death - whether it's human or canine - a hole is there. We all cried this morning, I cried off and on all day, just thinking we will never see Gabe again or laugh watching Pearl play keep away - unsuccessfully I might add - again is not imaginable. David helped Jim bury Gabe later on this morning, a sad task, Pearl keeps racing around the yard, then stops to watch next door for him to come racing over to play. She'll stop eventually, I don't know if they ever forget though. 

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Sinéad said...

Oh thats so sad :( losing a dog really like losing a member of the family.