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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Is Here!

 I'm making excellent progress on the sock - another few rows to go and then I start the toe. Then the other one of course. I wore a pair of socks I made last year to work today - I've never worn any socks I've made so it was an experience. A good one! They fit and they were comfortable which is all you can ask. This weekend I'm going to an open house at an Alpaca farm in Waynesburg, next weekend I'm off to the Buckwheat Festival, the weekend after that I am planning to finally hike Cooper's Rock. The neighbors have said they'd be interested in playing cards with us some weekend, Susan is going to come over to help me figure out the sewing machine - we are busy bees in West Virginia. But I'm glad we're back and it feels like we've never been gone. We are getting ready for the winter - we have heat - the furnace and hot water heater we had installed is 95% efficient. We had talked about fixing the old system but since we had planned on replacing it was silly to spend money on it. We also had the cesspool pumped - David ran into a neighbor at the covered bridge festival last week and they were brainstorming as to where it might be. Then the neighbor said he'd never seen it pumped out - David had a renewed interest in finding it!! He did locate it and pulled the cover off and well, we wont' go into Great Detail but the cesspool guy came the very next day after speaking to David and was amazed our drains had not backed up.  Eek. But disaster averted and on we go. I'm going through my clothes tomorrow - the ones I can find - and get the winter clothes swapped out. It's been raining again, I'm so tired of rain! But better than snow I suppose. I put the ghosts out as it's their time of the year again and will buy a few more Halloween decorations. I hate the holiday but love the trappings of it! I guess it's the B Movie Girl in me.....

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Sinéad said...

As ever, you're a busy bee! I'm glad you liked wearing your socks, to me there's nothing like it. Your feet are so snug & comfy!
And the cesspool? Eww. So glad I have mains plumbing! :)