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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hiding Out

 We have only lived here for a couple of months and we need a week off already. We are going to spend the next few weekends at home - no more here and there until we get the house under control. I cannot believe we've only lived here for about 10 weeks, so much has happened and we are rolling along, trying to get it under control. I've been back to Long Island for a week, then raced to PA to say good bye to Jackson, then down to Norfolk for a family weekend. I've been settling into work and racing about there - it's hard to get 30 or more clients all at once. It's like starting a novel in the middle - you'll eventually figure out the plot but in the mean time there's a lot of guessing and figuring out how things work. My clients are spread from the upper panhandle down past Fairmont, which was daunting but then you figure it's not the same as visit nursing - I'm seeing them once every 60 days, not 3 times a week so it is a bit more do-a-ble. But I'm so enjoying being back on the road, my timing is getting a little bit better and this week I actually got some time to visit my favorite graveyards and take some pictures too. I finally found Friendship Hill Park too so if the weather co-operates Pearl and I will be going on our first trail in a year - we've not hiked at all since I developed plantar fachiitis - it's a little scary. But we're only going to be doing about two miles or so just to see how things go, hopefully we'll get back to Cooper's Rock before winter sets in. In other news I started a pair of plain socks, they're small, easy, and pretty mindless. I had to restart them once as I was not happy with the way they looked but the second try is going much better. I love knitting socks because you can take them everywhere. We went out to breakfast this morning at Bob Evans and I took my little sock bag with me and knit a few rows while we waited  for our breakfast. My Weight Watchers continues to go well, I made my 10% goal and got my Weight Watchers key chain, I only have about 10 more pounds or so and  I'll get my lifetime membership. David continues to work on the upstairs and we are most likely looking at a new furnace. Not a surprise - the one that came with the house is most likely original and we'll save money in the long run. We replaced the toilet a few weeks ago- David kept saying there was something wrong with it but it was just old. You get so used to the low flush toilets that you forget how slow the old 15 gallons a flush jobs were! Oh well - wish me luck tomorrow!

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Sinéad said...

Sounds like you do need a few weekends at home to recharge your batteries!