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Monday, September 5, 2011

Norfolk Navy Base

 We were invited by John to come down for Labor day - our family is so scattered at this point more than two of  use getting together is an event - 13 of us is epic! We left after work on Friday and drove until we couldn't - we stayed over in Fredricksburg - the hotel was nice, the breakfast they served would have inspired prison riots - good thing I have my cooler along. I've discovered with all the traveling I've done in the past few years is junk food is plentiful, good food is not  so I pack a cooler with coffee creamer, fruit, yogurt, etc so I'm not stuck eating something i really shouldn't. The original plan was Busch Gardens but due to the labor day traffic we hung out at the Navy Museum and downtown Norfolk. Amy and Jim had their two little boys who loved the museum due to the Gift Shop - they're both hilarious. It's fun to watch them, they are both in great awe of their cousin John Jr and fought to be near him, to hold his hands, etc - I have to say John Jr. was exceptionable great about it and provided all the attention they wanted with no complaints. His older sister Katie is equally polite, I have to say I'm impressed with both of them.  We went out to eat together a few times - it's a little difficult to find a table for more than ten people but John managed. I did finish the sweater for John - the sleeves were not fixable. They were great big bell sleeves and a bit long so I folded them up and pulled them in. The problem was if I pulled them in too tight then they would be poofy sleeves and I think that would be worse. John was gracious enough to try it on but I think Carleen might end up wearing it - which is fine, Once I'm done I'm done.  On Sunday everyone went their separate ways and then met up for one last dinner.  We spent the day with Adam, something we only get to do a couple of times a year - and that's if he's on shore and we're lucky enough to time it right. Having both the boys in the navy I think makes us take them much less for granted, we will run hundreds of miles just to see them for a day. Adam is doing well and getting geared up to get out next year, I think he's a bit nervous but looking forward to it. He's going to stay in Norfolk and he has John and Carleen down there for advice and moral support so it's all good. Janet and Diane came down too so it was a great weekend, it really felt like old times again, didn't it? It' so hard to think that 20 years ago we all lived down the road from each other and now we live so far it's mind boggling. Tommy in Nebraska, Henry in Georgia, Uncle Harry and Bette in Colorado, Jackson in Afghanistan - it goes on and on. I've heard from Jackson a few times, he's doing well and getting to work so the next project will be a care package for him. It never stops, does it?

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