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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Down On The Farm

 Well, I'm pooped. We had a busy day today. Pearl and I were at Friendship Hill before 8 am this morning - we hiked over 2 1/2 hours without a break. Well, I did use the bathroom once and Pearl was annoying as usual. When you hike the dog goes everywhere with you - bathroom included. So she got tied to the door and survived but insisted upon Carrying On which is unfair -I don't fuss when she goes! We also looked at the historic buildings - The Gallatin Wilderness House,Sarah Gallatin's grave site, etc  but if I do the tour it will have to be without Pearl. Although I must admit the idea of bringing Pearl to museum does make me laugh - can you imagine Pearl The Squirrel in a place filled with historical artifacts? We just had a really good morning, it was a perfect day for walking in the woods and just hanging with the dog.  After we got back I did a few things around here - I did get my clothes swapped out for fall and I got the vacuuming done, etc. Then I headed out to the Alpaca Farm for the open house. I saw the woman I saw at the covered bridge festival - her name is Rebecca's and I have her number - yea! another knitter! - she was doing a spinning demonstration. The alpacas were cute but out of my price range. A male can maybe go for $1000, a female can go for as much as $10,000 depending on blood lines. Eek! I'll just have to buy it by the skein I suppose. They had a shearing demonstration which was interesting and I skipped the hayride. I did get a skein, it was the same one I bought at the festival so now I have enough for knee socks. I also met the owner of the alpacas and she took my number and email address as she's trying to get a knitting group started. There was a local winery there and I got their information - they do dinners at the winery which sounds great -  I might run it by Jim and  Robin to see if they'd like to do that. Work will be busy this week and at the end of October I'll start taking my turn being on call - not looking forward to it, but part of the job. The good with the bad and all of that stuff. I finished the one sock of the ones I'm currently knitting and started the next one - onward!


jackie pilavakis said...

you are having such a good time!!! the alpacas are very cute.........I need to learn to knit!!

Sinéad said...

Aw, the baby alpaca! So cute!