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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions For 2012

I resolve to continue in my quest to own a sheep
 I don't believe that resolutions should be hard, annoying or not fun at all - who made up that stupid rule anyhow? Why is it when we want to improve ourselves - it always has to something strenuous or unpleasant - why can't we resolve to do something we WANT to? Why does improvement mean No Fun At All? So in the spirit of 2012 here are my resolutions:

I resolve to knit as much as humanly possible. Every minute that is not to devoted to work, sleep or other necessary endeavors will be nothing but nonstop knitting.
        I resolve to get my own personal sheep, two in fact. David has said no because he states this would be his life "David, have you seen the sheep? Do you know where they are? I think they ran off again David, can you help me look for them? ACCK! They pooped in the yard. David, can you help me feed the sheep? Does this one look alright to you, I think he's sick David!"...... that is the reason I have been told there will be no woolly citizens darkening my doorway. Bastards.
         But that's OK because I resolve to continue buying all the fun yarn I see, that I'll visit a yarn shop at least once every two weeks for an assortment of yarn and of course bags and accessories.
       I'll keep my weight stable and continue with Weight Watchers - these past few weeks have been hard! with the holidays and all but I didn't do too badly. I gained two pounds over the holidays but I'm still below my goal weight so hopefully I can continue and become a Life time member.  I make myself get up and exercise every day - thank goodness for Hulu these days. I take my laptop down with me and catch up on TV programs - I've watched the entire season of the Biggest Loser, Being Human and Bones, to name a few. It makes it much easier and with the reduced commercials the shows last almost exactly 40 minutes.
             I'll continue to hike and walk as much as the weather and time will allow - I'm so looking forward to the spring so we can really go on some long jaunts.
     And that's it for the resolutions! Not too painful I might add. David and I went out today to spend our Christmas money - I bought a new Namaste knitting bag so I now have them ALL - the one I bought was purple and is very swanky. VERY swanky. I'll post pictures when I get a chance. We did Gabe's but I only got one pair of pants (for $1.75 I might add). Sam's Club for a handful of groceries then to the mall. David did Gander Mountain and I went to Victoria's Secret since they're starting their clearance sales - I might hit the one in Morgantown too.  I also went to Macy's and bought new sheets and stuff - the rest I'll get as I see. I try to hold off til mid January because that's when the real sales start, don't they?
To share even though I don't want to

To work hard keeping my weight down where it should be

And to never be too old to play in the mud.

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Donna said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!