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Friday, February 3, 2012

New Phone Blues.

I told Jackson on my last call that I had finally gotten a new cell phone - he of course asked what kind and I said black, square.etc.... with a big pictur-ie thingie. He groaned - YOU got a smart phone? Oh GOD......... he lives in the same camp my sister and sister in law do - they firmly believe that every new electronic device I get I'll be able to bugger it up within 30 seconds and then will be stuck in Customer Service Hell, whining to whatever poor tech accidentally picks up the phone. The stars help you if you're outsourced to India and I'm wailing on the other end. My issue with them is if my problem can't be solved by whatever their computer program says we're both screwed. And that is super true - when I  had all those problems with my Kobe Ereader I kept calling Borders who's customer service is outsourced and  went through 4 weeks of nonsense. My favorite was the one that insisted I keep pushing the reset button harder  with a pin even though I told her it would break the device. A week later  they accidentally connected me to a real English speaking person and when I asked about the reset the first thing he said was "don't push that with a pin  - you'll break it!"Not to mention  my problem is NEVER limited to the standard trouble shooting guide. So I got my swanky new Intuition LG phone on Saturday last week, my specific goal was to have Internet on it so I can hunt down the Navy Family Specialist all day long if need be instead of being limited to harassing after work. The Internet has worked for a total of 1.2 minutes for the past 6 days. But I have spoken to 7 techs and have a working knowledge now of whether I'm in airplane mode or not and I even know if I'm set for global data. I can zip through the Troubleshooting Program so well I could do the first 3 screens of the Troubleshooting Guide for Verizon . AND I'm a Level Two Tier in the phone problem world. You will be very proud of me - I've managed to make multiple calls to them with no yelling, crying or otherwise being Very Badly Behaved. I have found if you do that A) nothing gets done and B) if you are speaking to someone from India they will apologize for your inconvenience, take you name and number and then tell the rest of the crew not to answer the phone if you call again.  So as of this second my internet is working. We will see what happens tomorrow. After I leave the house.

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Donna said...

Good luck with that.