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Thursday, June 28, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End

It was an interesting vacation. I didn't get to go swimming, but if I'd really wanted to we both know it would have happened. What I really wanted was  to spend time with my family, with us so far flung that is a rare and precious  thing these days. We went out to eat a few times, all seven of us and spent time at Cogans, beer and pizza. I got to spend time with both boys - well, they're really not boys anymore, are they? I find it strange that neither of them has lived home since they were 18 - Adam left 10 years ago and Jackson 4. But when I see them they will always be in elementary and high school for me. It's hard to keep up with them being adults because I see them so seldom. They're different people every time I see them - Adam is figuring out college and working, Jackson seems to get bigger every time we see him and moves ahead in his navy career. Anyhow, we did all sorts of things - I did get down to the beach for a stroll, we shopped, did the movies out to dinner and a few beers here and there. And there. We saw Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter which was good but a bit hard to go with at times, we did the mall a few times and I found TWO yarn shops. I was probably more excited about that then anyone else. I stayed on base - the   barracks have been converted into rooms - they use them for familes staying over and military in transition. It's about half the price of a hotel room and what fun - I had my own kitchenette, dining area, livingroom and bedroom. I usually bring my own coffee creamer and milk and breakfast stuff so I don't have to go sclepping about looking for coffee.  Or redemption, whichever comes first. The big difference between Penn Hall and the Hilton is helicoptors tend to buzz the buildings and they play revelry at 8 am every morning.  ANYHOO - one thing I did was go to the taping of the 700 Club which my cousin John thought would be a good idea. I have no idea why. Jackson, Carleen and I went - it was pretty interesting. We saw Pat Robertson, Head Of The Christians, got the tour of the studio, all the paintings, assorted and sundry items. At the end we had to do a prayer circle for a "brief prayer" which droned on and on and on about saving us, Jesus seeing Into Your Heart, Jesus Knows Who You Are, etc.. Anyone wondering what I did? I held hands and bowed my head of course. I may be a devout nonbeliever but I am not rude- why hurt someone's feelings over something so small? When I go into the temple of the Krishnas my shoes are off and my voice is low - same song different chorus. Overall, I've never seen a show taped and everyone was very nice. Jackson ate the entire time we were down there - he eats amazing amounts of food, the minute he sits in the car, on a chair, etc - he is hungry and wondering what there is to eat. Seeing John and Carleen's kids is sort of the same as seeing my boys,before they were into soccer and boating, now Katie is driving, John Jr is getting ready for high school. It would be nice if everyone lived closer, but I'll take what I can.

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Donna said...

I can't believe you went to 700 Club! I don't even care for Pat Robertson.