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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vacation - Part Three.

 We left early yesterday - I wanted to get here early enough that we didn't have to sleepy through dinner and bolt to bed. David's turn to stay home - we had decided with Pearl being so ill putting her in a kennel at this point would be cruel and we have Jackson for 3 week so everyone got time with him. Jackson and I were ready to go at 6 am, last good byes and pictures with Dad and the dogs. Jackson mentioned to me he didn't remember his dad getting so emotional - I said you didn't used to go away for years at a time. We don't want the boys to live at home, we want them to have their own lives and enjoy it - but that doesn't make it any easier to say good bye, time and time again. So off we went with frequent pit stops and out of the car to stretch our legs. I took a route that was about 25 miles longer but avoided Washington while at the same time stayed on the highway. The scenic route is fine, but after a hundred miles or so behind a tractor the breathtaking vista wears a little thin and homicidal thoughts start to form.  Anyhoo, we made excellent time arriving in the Norfolk area about 12:30 - we would have gotten here a little earlier had it not been for that meanie cop that insisted on giving me a speeding ticket. I did pull the nurse card, the I Work With Sick Children Card, etc.. but he checked my driving record and apparently thought I deserved YET ANOTHER speeding ticket. And there will be points on my license and I might have to go to driving safety school if I want them to not be there. Life is very unfair at times. SO, we were sailing along but not quite so fast -  then we hit I-64 and the dreaded Beach Traffic. No, there is no way around it. We sat for an hour and half - or so. We got to the gate and got in fine, then called Adam who was typically not ready and still dithering around somewhere in the Greater Virginia Beach Area. John and Carleen look wonderful of course - her Dad is doing well. Adam finally joined us and we spent the afternoon catching up. We did dinner at Cogan's - we had the vegetarian pizza with the Soy Chicken - it was pretty good I have to say. We went back to the house for dessert and then Adam and Jackson darted off together. They have, in the past 5 or 6 years spent a total of 2 weeks together. Since Adam joined the navy at 18 I think Jackson has been able to see him for a total of a couple of months if you added up the time. I know they call each other constantly - but it's not the same, is it? Adam has to work most of the week so I'll see him after work and I'm sure Jackson will be spending most of his time there. As for me I'll be enjoying my time off and what ever time I can get with them will be fine. I see them more then they see each other - I'm just glad we were able to work it out so they could spend some time together.

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Sinéad said...

Oh dear, thats quite a road trip! This made me laugh though: "after a hundred miles or so behind a tractor the breathtaking vista wears a little thin and homicidal thoughts start to form"
Ireland has loads of small country roads. It's tractor town!