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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Count Down Has Begun

Reuben getting himself in trouble
I called Jackson this morning - he needed to get to the airport by 6 am to make his flight - and navy or no that boy is a notorious over sleeper.  He answered on the first ring and cheerfully informed me he was at the airport already - in an effort to not oversleep he had opted to simply stay up all night. Since he was up all night he also opted to go drinking with his friend Jenn and she had dropped his slouchy self off at the airport an hour ago. Since he was up he had progressed to hangover and was just getting ready to get his ticket. Sigh. There is something wrong with that method of not being late but damned if I have anything to say - he did as he was told and got to the airport on time so I have nothing to complain about. The Aunts are picking him up in any case so The Brewery will have others to entertain this evening. Since he'll be home for so long he's starting at The Aunts, then David is picking him up and taking him to see Ray. Then they go to Long Island for a few days and then back home. I am not starting my vacation until Friday - there's no point in being off if they're not here. Jackson will be here for a week and a half and then he and I take off for Norfolk to visit John, Carleen and crew and Adam. Jackson doesn't get to spend a lot of time with his brother so I have a week blocked off for that. Then I will leave and he will stay so they get a couple days on their own, then Adam will take Jackson to the airport down there and he'll fly home. I've learned from past experience to reserve flights near  family and not near home - we're so far flung now I have to figure out the straightest line for him to travel when he's here so he doesn't end up spending his entire vacation riding around in the car. So I usually get flights out of airports near the people we're visiting - and he just flies out of whatever town he's in - works for me. Since I will be on vacation too I have a knitting project started - a shawl made of lace weight Alpaca yarn - and I downloaded some books on my Kobo. I also figured out how to delete books so I got rid of the three accidental porno books. I read most of one because I had bought it (I thought it was a science fiction novel)  and since I had actually paid for it I felt obligated to at least give it a go - the other two I didn't read because they were free.  The problem with written porn is.......well, it's sort of stupid and boring - after the second interlude it's just all yada yada yada  and blah blah blah. Delete! I have some great sci-fi and mysteries all piled up and ready to go. Since we'll be near Virginia Beach I will be swimming - Adam says we can go but there is no cursing on the boardwalk. I asked him why he was telling ME that- he said so I wouldn't get thrown off the boardwalk. Oh Ye Of Little Faith. I'm trying to get everything done at work too - it's a forced march at best - it's a big scary thing at worst. David is busy trying to get finished up too - trying to figure out if he's renting a car or driving the truck. Not much else - I went to Weight Watchers and have  lost 3 of the 5 pounds I packed on due to the steroids from the poison ivy episode - that was a good thing, wasn't it?
ACCK!! No chewing!!

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