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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Socks Are Done!

 Since this is called Yarns and Tall Tails I do have to expose yarn items on occasion. The socks are finally finished,  I ended up with enough yarn left over for half a sock so I bought another skein in green and will use the yellow for the tops or the toes - it's such a nice and expensive yarn I need to do something with it! Now onto the next project - I'm either doing a shawl or hats, not sure which. Shawls are more showy but I haven't done hats in awhile so we'll have to see. I have great yarn for a shawl, but I have to find a pattern to fit the amount and weight I have - not as easy as you think it is. There are tons of patterns but the ones I like call for more, the ones I don't call for the amount I have. Dammit. I continue to work on Jackson's travel plans - he wants to see everyone but not spend his leave in the car and since the family now extends from Long Island to Virginia Beach good luck with that. But I have it under control (for now) and even though there will be traveling it will be in a straight line and not back and forth. Today was beautiful - sunny not too warm - Pearl and I met our friend Charlene and her two dogs at the park to go walking. Reuben is not invited yet as he's a bit of a hooligan still and would most likely end up offending someone. After that we can home and did some yard work, then grilled. In other words a pretty nice day. We had a lot of rain the day before and the day before that - my garden got wet but that's about it. I do have some sunflowers growing and a row of things that are supposed to be carrots but I'm not sure if they are. I was going to sneaky peek but I think if you pull them up early they die so I'll just have to wait a bit longer. Darn it.

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