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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jack's Back!

 Jackson FINALLY arrived on Thursday afternoon - hours before I expected them. He landed in Philly as planned the previous week and had a bang up time with Aunt Janet and Aunt Di -   I believe there was a bit of drinking going on but that happens. David retrieved him on that Friday and they headed over to Ray's in NJ. I believe drinking occurred there too. But they also visited the bookstore and of course The Stackhouse which is a favorite restaurant. David fixed a few things while he was there and they just had a good time in general, I think we've managed to see Ray more now then when we lived 2 hours from him! They then headed out to Long Island and Jackson got to see most everyone, drinking also commenced. Again. He is a good boy and keeps it under control unless he's with Aunt Diane and that we will not be discussing here even though it appears to be a Proud Navy Moment for him. (he was CROWING about it). Jackson especially enjoyed his visit with Grandpa Lester this time around, Bob was a marine in WW2 and really talked to Jackson about being in a war zone, coming back after going for help and finding an entire unit missing - the things he saw and the things he wished he hadn't. They came back earlier than I had planned - I'd taken a couple of hours personal time because I had originally expected them home Wednesday. It was a long week because the prednisone makes it hard on Pearl and without David here to come home at lunch - it was difficult. I scheduled my PA patients at the end of the day so I could at least make it home by 5:30 but Thursday I couldn't do that. So  I took the time and then they got home by2pm (they left super early) But I was able to meet them to return the rental car so it worked out. We have a busy couple of weeks planned - I'm stressing a little because I've never taken such a long time off - two weeks! At once! - but I most likely won't see him for another couple of years so I need to do this. Jackson has to get his driver's license straightened out, we are going to the movies, The Golden Palace of course, the Moundsville Prison tour, Cabella's. David took him shooting today at the West Virginia Gun Club and I'm sure they'll be visiting all  the way home. We're going out for dinner to celebrate Father's Day. But we've just been enjoying him home - Pearl was super happy to see him - she's been hugging all over him since he got here. Reuben was not sure - David said he played possum and went limp when Jackson came in and picked him up. That is his defense until he's sure you're not planning on making dog-burgers. He is actually a little weirder than Pearl. And if you're wondering - she's holding her own. She gets short of breath so we don't over do it -I am planning on going to Coopers Rock but we'll be doing the short flat trail - and only if it's not too hot. I'm glad she's well enough for both of them to enjoy this visit, Jackson has always considered Pearl his dog - and she's always been willing to be so.  Jackson would like to have a dog - someday - but since he's planning on staying in the military for awhile that's down the road a ways.

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