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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Legally Blonde

One of the things Jackson wanted to do while he was here was get his driver's license renewed. Easy? Ha ha. Ha. OK. Here are the issues: His wallet was lost and it contained both his social security card and license. He was unable to renew the license as he was not nearby and the license expired while it was busy being lost. He was in California, then Afghanistan. We moved from WV to the PA - only about 6 miles from our previous address but over the line. He no longer has a WV address but our address is not on the last W-2 form. AND the Navy will not let you change your state of origin while enlisted. Well, doesn't that sound like a fun afternoon? We went to DMV of WV first - took a number and waited. Waited. Got up to information and explained his situation. Manager called. Director called and state office in Charleston. The SS card was a big stumbling block - they gave him a copy of his driver's record(but no license)  and sent  us up to the SS building. As he has no WV address anymore he would have to get a PA license so they wished him well and off we went.  Guard asked if we had weapons, mace or any other lethal items. I got glared because I do indeed have a very cute little spray can of mace - it's bright pink and I keep it in my purse so I don't lose it (It's for hiking). Was told not to take it out and the guard kept an eye on me. Took a number and waited. Waited some more.Finally got in and the lady wanted a driver's license - I explained we needed a SS card for that -  she finally found after looking he could use his military ID. She gave us a receipt and I asked if that was the letter the DMV could use. Jackson asked her too - she said that was the only thing they ever gave out. Jackson and I took a break and saw Prometheus which was very good but I can't say anything because it would super spoil it for anyone planning to see it.  This morning we headed out to Uniontown first thing and found the DMV - hardly any line. We got in and were told we had the wrong paperwork from the SS office. He showed us a letter - and then gave us directions to the SS office in town. We got the real letter and headed back. They proceeded to do more paperwork, Jackson was chatting with the guy who was ex-air force and when we went to pay cash were informed cash only. Back in the car, sigh sigh sigh, there's a pharmacy down the road that does money orders. Back to DMV, more paperwork, Jackson has to take a vision test - which he sort of FAILS. I am not kidding. The second time around I was this far from shoving him out of the way and taking it myself. He finally gets the right line and reads it off - whew. Picture taken and out the door! Done!

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