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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Garden Time!

As I have been yammering for the past few months - I have a garden. This is my second attempt in the same season - first try was too early, second was late. Oh well. But since this is my first real effort I was not expecting too much, the main attraction is it gives me something to do when I'm out with the dogs in the morning. The dogs also like the garden - they romp, dig, roll and wrestle amongst what ever is making a valiant attempt at production. I chased them out for awhile but they just come around the other side. With all the rain we've been having I've actually had some success! I noticed a few days ago I had a tiny watermelon - at least I think it's a watermelon. I planted all over and threw out the packages so everything gets to be a surprise. I found another tinier watermelon so that makes a grand total of Two. I counted THREE zucchini, I picked my twelve pea pods and threw the result in my stir fry tonight. I also seem to be having great success with my sunflowers, they're huge and starting to bloom. I know that given the fact I've planted about $40 worth of seeds (and the second attempt the seeds were 50% off so that is a LOT of seeds) my results don't even rate as Good. But I'm weirdly proud of my vegetables - it gives me hope that I can have a garden. And the peas were delicious in my stir fry tonight - along with the ginkgo nuts I tossed in. I've never had ginkgo nuts but had picked them up when I went to the Asian market the other day. The problem with trying new ethnic food is it has a good chance of tasting like a wet sock - and it's not the food, it's usually knowing how to cook it. I do know for a fact that no matter how you cook it I HATE lotus root - it's salty and hard no matter what you do to it. But the ginkgo nuts were really good - no fat, low carbs, they cook up well so I will be buying them again.

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Melanie Lin said...

Hello fellow blogger. About the lotus root, my mom makes it in her soup all the time! She normally boils it for 2 hours or so and most of the time they taste delicious- just a little suggestion for you.
Oh and Congrats on the watermelons in your garden! We have a garden too but not enough space for them >.<