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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Falling Off The Yarn Wagon

We went to Bridgeport today - for a change of pace I suppose. We're quickly surging into August, also known as The Most Boring Month Of The Year. When the kids are young, it's one month too many of vacation, the weeks of I'm Bored and There's Nothing To Do. Now that the kids are gone I'm the one that's bored. My vacation is used up, its too hot to hike, even the garden is starting to lose its glamor. Even with the SIX zucchinis, two watermelons, TWO beets, pea pods and a dozen - or so - sunflowers. I went to the Nest today, my other favorite yarn shop and bought a couple a skeins of yarn, a sock yarn and a lace weight yarn - even the yarn is boring me. Well, sort of - it's actually that I don't need any more yarn, who would have ever thought that day would come? But I don't - right now if I wanted to knit a purple, orange and yellow shawl with a pink and green border -I could. I could knit green socks, a blue sweater, an afghan that would make a parrot go blind. I have a host of projects lined up - I just need to do them. And then there's the ereader - which I still love with a wild abandon usually reserved for untamed men or piles of gold. I'm not even sure what I like better - reading the books I've bought or shopping for them. I especially love being able to buy books in a bundle, I just bought Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas series and I'm finishing up a science fiction series right now. I never thought I would like it so much, but I do. I especially love when I'm done with a book I can just scroll through for the next one I want to read. I use it a lot when I take the dogs out, they bother the rabbits and deer, I read my head off. We have toads now too - they're so cute! One got in the house the other day and freaked out Rueben, he has issues with that sort of stuff. He kept jumping and whining and I couldn't figure out what the problem was. There was a very tiny baby toad sitting next to his food bowl, doing a tiny little freak out of it's own. I showed it the door and everything was right in the world again. If it's nice and we can get out early I may take Pearl to the park. Eventually Rueben should go but for now it's Pearl's thing to do with no one else to steal the spotlight. I am going to the Mannington Fair in a couple of weeks, I'm entering three of my shawls in the arts and crafts display. I asked Susan what the prize was and she thinks it's a ribbon so I guess I can stop planning my retirement.

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