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Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Whole Lot Of Nothing Going On

Jackson called today and wanted to know what was new - I said nothing much - and there really is nothing to report since I got off of vacation. The most exciting thing was Pearl and I went to the park this morning, just the two of us. We did the short trail which she did OK with, then I just let her  go around the big fields, snuffling down holes and so forth.  There's all sorts of wildlife sneaking about so she has a good time using her Professional Canine Skills in Tracking and Bothering Things. We had the whole place to ourselves and it was nice for her I think. She likes her friend Reuben but some days, enough is enough. David's off shooting as he does every Sunday - he occasionally talks about stopping to save money but I thought that was pointless. What's the reason for working if you can't have at least one thing you get to do that's fun? He makes a day of it, shoots at the West Virginia Gun Club,  hangs out with Rich and who ever shows up, then stops by Cecil's or Tommy's on the way back. I spent part of the day cleaning, we pitched the rug in the kitchen this morning - we inherited it from house #2 and it was not in great shape then.  Before we moved here we used it in the basement but the rug was just the right size for under the table so it got promoted to an upstairs position. It has hit Uber Yucky and was supposed to be temporary so out it went. We're looking for a new table and chair set, the set we have now is just too big for our little kitchen. The advantage it has is it takes up so much room if a robber broke in you could dart around it for hours to hold off an attack until help arrived. Otherwise it's just annoying, we circle it all morning getting the pets fed, getting coffee, lunch ready. And if anyone stops it jams up the whole traffic pattern. The set I want is expensive so David is Craig listing with no luck. We also stopped at an indoor flea market that they started a couple of months ago, aka Indoor Crap Festival, It had the usual offenders - battered purses, even more battered furniture, faded clothes and dusty books. A fun place to poke around but nothing came home with us. Anyhoo, I vacuumed, mopped and polished the floor so it looks nice, but without the rug it's a bit of an echo. So we need a new rug to go with the the new kitchen set when we get it. I'm also campaigning for new counters, we have the old laminate ones and I really would prefer granite or even fake granite. David is replacing the back door with a full glass one to let in some light and he'll be doing a sky light eventually.  The in ground swimming pool is off the table for this year, not that I don't want one mind you but I think it's a good idea to let things settle down for a while. We did so many major renovations and just getting back in the swing of things around here was enough. The table, the counters, etc are small things - having the entire back yard torn up is a whole other ball game. My garden is still limping along, anything that manages to look like it might produce is snapped up by the bunnies and deer. I have so far produced a total of about 12 pea pods, hmm. Well, that's it so far. I had some plants that looked as if they might want to produce something edible, maybe peppers or something, but it got so far and then totally petered out. The sunflowers may come through but the zucchini and melon plants get blossoms and then get all tasty looking - something comes when I'm not around and eats the blossoms. Bastards. I'll do better next year.

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Donna said...

Me and my speed reading: I somehow read "if a robber broke in" as "if a rubber broke" and had to go back and re-read it. Whew.