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Friday, July 20, 2012

Rain Dancing

 Yeah, I know they're old pictures. Whatever. We have been having  huge downpours all week - I was up in Wheeling yesterday and it was like the sky just opened wide and buckets came down. You could barely see to drive - but then it stopped. And started. Repeat as needed. Of course after the past month or so of absolutely no rain it's hard to get any complaints up. My garden likes it just fine - I have two wee golf ball sized things that look like they may be watermelons - I'll keep you posted. That'll teach me for slinging seeds and throwing out the packets. Of course the deer are keeping a careful eye on it too, we'll see how gets dessert next month. I wouldn't mind it raining Saturday, I have not too much planned - Sunday if it's nice Pearl will be walking again in the park. Time is starting to close in, we no longer have a dog collar on her, just when she's going somewhere. David has a list of things that Dogs Are Not Supposed To Have, but fortunately Pearl has not read the list so it's fudge pops and cherries for now.  She still has her good days - and she's comfortable so we're status quo for now. I went to a yarn sale at Bloomin Yarns this week - I got two skeins of Lobster Pot sock yarn in lettuce, I'll post it sometime this weekend. I also bought a new Addi cable needle - 47 inch cable with size 3 needles. And it super peeves me because I KNOW I have the same set - somewhere. I turned the place upside down the other day and turned up nothing. I'm assuming they'll appear now that I've bought a replacement set. I am about a third of the way through my latest project, this is the first time I've not had extra yarn to finish so I'm hoping I calculated right. It will super suck if I didn't! We're doing a Luau at work on Monday, should be interesting. LOL. Do I sound a bit sarcastic? We're short staffed and can barely keep up and we're having a party. The reason we're having a party is because we were told we need to loosen up. Hmm. Looking over that last couple of sentences that might be an accurate observation. I am looking forward to the weekend this week, it's been a hard week and I just want some time to knit, read and relax.

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