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Friday, July 27, 2012

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

 The other night we hadn't seen Claw - which was unusual since  it was raining and she never misses a meal - I thought perhaps she had died. She's about 16 or so now and has slowed down. David thought I was awful for saying that - but we did the Seven Stages Of Grief in about half an hour  and moved on - then of course Claw came pottering across the front porch, came in and  did her usual howling since I was not moving fast enough. We figure she'll outlive all of us - howling and hissing, being a general pain in the ass for years on end. She seemed to sense that I had been thinking adverse things about her and she spent the remainder of the evening perched on the end table, peering at me with narrowed eyes, such a wonderful creature. The rainstorms have continued with some rather spectacular thunder and lightening storms -  we didn't lose electric this round but it was close on occasions - my garden has managed to pony 3 good sized zucchini and the watermelon is now the size of a hardball due to all the rain we've gotten. I think I am also going to have TWO beets - the corn is a lost cause. I have tons of either cantaloupe or watermelon plants but they're producing nothing but leaves. I am starting a compost pile I think. The grass is back to growing but it's nice to have a green yard again!  I sit and read most evenings in my lawn chairs I have positioned about the yard so Pearl and Reuben can play outside. Pearl is still with us of course, we have decided to start her on a pill that cuts the blood flow to the tumors. No, it's not going to save the farm, but it will keep her comfortable for awhile longer. The pills are about $80 apiece but you only have to dose them once a month so I think we can do it for now. It's hard to give up the love of your life. I have to go to Weight Watchers and get weighed tomorrow or I lose my lifetime membership - I've been getting a bit lazy about attendance the weight is starting to creep back on. I am also getting a little bored so I might start a different food regime, maybe Forks Over Knives or something of that nature. I continue knitting on my lavender shawl, its slow going these days as I am on Repeat Number Four and I have two more to go before I get to Chart 2. I am a little concerned about the yarn, I did the calculations and should have enough to finish but if I don't I'm up a creek with no paddle in sight. I bought the skein at the Wool Festival and I doubt there's anymore in that dye lot even if I could get to it. I guess there's no reason to worry about something that hasn't happened. I have enough that HAS happened to worry about!

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