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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nature Is Not My Friend.

SO - This all started with the deer hunter from the down the road getting annoyed because David runs the dogs in the field next door - we have permission from the owner but that's not good enough apparently. And this guy is insisting on defending - someone else's property. He thinks the dogs are scaring off the deer (I wish they would scare them out of my garden!) which is silly because we're nowhere near hunting season and the deer are always wandering around here, eyeballing my zucchini. Whatever - until the owner says we can't, we will. This lead to a discussion as we have 5 acres of our own, but  most of it's not cleared making it unusable. So David started clearing out some of the underbrush the other morning and ran into a nest of yellow jackets. He called me at work to demand to know why I didn't keep benedryl for him - I pointed out that he had not asked for benedryl for 53 years so it was hard for me to know he would have needed it 53 years later - so he scrounged some from the neighbor and I said I would pick up some more on the way home. Then he called to tell me Pearl's medication was in so I took an hour of personal time since he was all hopped up on benedryl. The medication for Pearl is the one that will block the blood flow to the tumors - $82 a dose, but it's once a month and we want her to be comfortable for whatever time she has left. I got home and David's right hand was awful - it was HUGE. I asked why he didn't go to the doctor and he was like well, I tried to call you and you didn't answer your phone. I had turned the ringer off during our weekly meeting at work and had forgotten to turn it back on. I yelled at David("you didn't go to the doctor because I didn't answer my phone???") and sent him off, then donned gloves to give Pearl her pills. You could give Pearl lead pellets if you wrap it in bologna and have Reuben nearby looking like he will want to eat it. David got home later - with orders to take more benedryl and everyone tried to sleep. Around 3 am Pearl woke me whining, I figured the new medication was affecting her so we went out, Reuben on a leash since he darts around in the dark  where I can't see himand Pearl leading the way because she is the boss. I had forgotten the flashlight but we were just on a Pee - mission.........then Pearl BOLTED for the back deck, howling and barking - Reuben hung back as he is trying to live a long and uneventful life. I yelled at Pearl to stop and ran to make her stop - it was not the neighbor's cat that we occasionally enjoy doing battle with. It was a skunk. It was a stressed out skunk that did not appreciate us and well, it did what skunks do when you surprise them - it sprayed us. Thank You Pearl.  Since it was so early we were stuck for it - I showered and showered but still smelled. Pearl smelled but she didn't care. I went out around 7:30am to buy tomato juice, peroxide and baking soda. It was a wasted effort because nothing was open. I went home and had another cup of coffee, stinky me. I finally got my witches brew - Pearl got her bath first. We soaked her down in tomato juice - she looked like a murder victim, but then we rinsed and I washed her down with the baking soda peroxide mixture - success!! I had my own bath to content with - it took a couple attempts but I am un-skunkified. Pearl seems unaffected by the whole thing and I think she would do it again if I gave her the chance - but I will definitely NOT be forgetting my flash light again!

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