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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Got My Table

Our new kitchen set.
Every year down in Mapletown is the big yard sale weekend. It's called the cabbage sale and everyone along the road has a yard sale - it runs a couple of miles and attracts hundreds of people. Since I'm in the market for a new table and chairs we went looking. And were disappointed. It's mainly clothing and small items but if you're into yardsaling it would be a fun day out. So we drove the strip - saw nothing and headed off to the Asian market downtown. I did go to the new one that opened a couple of weeks ago, never again. When I went to make rice last week I discovered some of the "rice" had grown up and was trying to crawl off. Eww.  So I pitched it all and had to replace it of course. I bought my tofu while I was there, they make it fresh and if you have vegetarian leanings, the difference between packaged and fresh tofu is like the difference between canned and fresh fruit - you just can't beat it. After that we headed off to do the food shopping and while in Sam's Club I made David walk past the kitchen set I LOVE.  Twice. But it's $600 which to me is a lot so we were still mulling it over. There's a similar set in Big Lots but it's only $100 cheaper and well, it's Big Lots, you do the math.If I'm buying it at Big Lots it needs to be way cheaper than that! But I digress.  When we got to the back we peeked at the clearance section - they put returned things, items that are missing a piece, etc. and there was the dining room set on a cart! We could NOT believe the price - it had been  reduced to $124 and then marked down  again to $75. David grabbed an employee and she said she couldn't tell what was missing but knew you could order it easily. Sold! When we got home the missing part was a chair seat and since this set has eight chairs it was no big deal, especially since there are only two of us and we are not planning on having six dinner guests in the near future we can wait. I posted the yarn I bought at the sale the other day - isn't it great? It's sock yarn but I might have enough to do a small shawl. We'll have to see. I do want to do a sweater in between and I also bought a book on crocheting socks. Susan would like to learn so I'll teach myself and then teach her. We could You Tube it of course which is where I go if I don't know how to do anything. I learned how to make seitan, do a long tail cast on and how a cough assist works on You Tube. If you put a couple words to any song you heard on the radio You Tube will figure it out.  It rained off and on all day today - we've been getting a lot of rain after such a long dry spell - I guess we need to catch up.


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