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Monday, November 5, 2012

All Tricks, No Treats

 Did anyone have a good October? Anyone? It was just one of those months wasn't it, not little bad things - BIG bad things, stressful things, weird things. Halloween was the holiday that wasn't - they tried changing the day but who feels like trick or treating 3 days after the fact? We are hoping in a couple of weeks we can breath a small sigh of relief. Our Thanksgiving trip is a wee bit up in the air - Ray is fretting there is nothing there, he only has half a tank of gas - his favorite restaurant, the one we spend holidays in and he shows off us, his family to his friends is no more as it was on the water and then was full of water. Sad. We shall see.  The weather is getting cold cold - I'm turning the soil in my garden as next year will be the Year Of The Super Stinkin Garden as hopefully I'll have a better idea of what I am supposed to be doing. The sunflowers made me laugh, I waited til the heads started to dry out and went to collect the seeds. What seeds? The birds had picked them all clean! What little there was left was not worth saving, I cut the heads and threw them on the ground, they might as well have what's left. I took Reuben to Cooper's Rock this weekend, I gave him his carsick medication so he didn' throw up. There was a lot more snow on the ground than I had anticipated so we only did the woods for a short time. The road was snowy too but parts had melted off so Reuben could walk - he did enjoy it and I didn't cry (too much). He got to wear Pearl's old harness, I washed it so it looks all new - it doesn't even look the same. I am on call this week but the weekend after that Charlene and I will be walking together again - Reuben needs to be socialized badly.  We might do Cooper's Rock one more time, we'll see. This time of the year they close off the park so you have to park all the way up front and the good stuff - Raven's Rock, The Stone City, etc  is a 3 mile walk just to get there. We shall see. Not much else going on as you can see - we are super enjoying our new TV and Netflix. We saw Captain America last night, Thor, Blitz, Iron Man 2 before that. David traded in his truck today, it was getting to the point of costly repairs and the gas was seriously killing us - living in a rural community and getting 12 miles to the gallon was not the way to go. So he got a work van - 30 miles to the gallon which will make a huge difference in our budget. We are still working on that - Bloomin Yarns closes forever this week so I'll probably make one more trip before it closes it's doors forever - I will very much miss going there on Saturdays.

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